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Pandear Beauty & Spa

汎蒂尔芳香养生, 嘉汇店

Category: Spas

Address:183 Chaohui Road


Tel: 0571 8581 9019

About Pandear Beauty & Spa:

Walk into Pandear Beauty & Spa, and you are welcomed with the aromas of essential oils. The room is tastefully decorated with dark red traditional furniture, and the wooden stairway leads you to the third floor where Yann, the hostess with the enchanting smile, sits down with you to explain all of the services they offer. In April, Pandear started a new treatment called the "West Lake Green Tea Spa," which combines West Lake water, Dragon Well green tea and Chinese Taiji massage. We decided to try this one.

Xiao Ye, a very friendly medical school graduate with a soft voice and terrifically strong fingers, took very good care of us as she guided us through the process. The first step was to get rid of all the old skin cells. The scrub she used was made of green tea and pearl powder, and it instantly filled the room with the scent of new tea. After a quick rinse, we stepped out of the shower to see that Xiao Ye had filled a large bathtub with hot water, flowers and essential oils. We soaked in the tub, sipping green tea, the bouquet of lemon, orange, tea-tree and rosewood filling our nostrils, steam rising from our bodies and candles flickering all around. Heaven. So relaxing, so quiet, so peaceful. We worked up quite a sweat, and our attentive attendant informed us that this was the purpose of the bath because it removed toxins from our bodies.

The time finally came for the Taiji massage. Taiji is all about well-distributed Yin & Yang. For the human body, the back is Yang. Massaging the back using the Taiji method allows the blood and Qi to flow. These days, we spend so much time sitting in front of the computer, causing stiffness and pain where there should be flexibility. This massage is perfect to release the pent-up muscles. Running out of time we decided to skip the body mask, but we did save enough for a green tea facial to complete our experience. After the treatment we felt revitalized: Our skin so fresh and clean, and most importantly, our aches and pains relieved, allowing us to return to our computers. Going to this place might have to become a monthly ritual.

Pandear has all of its products for sale, such as masks, essential oils, bath oil, cleanser, moisturizer, body scrub, body oil, etc. With a membership card, you can get a 40% to 52% discount on the services. English service available.

Some services offered:
Facial 200 - 1500RMB (most are 380 - 480RMB)
Body Oil Massage 480RMB/hour
Fragrant Bath 280RMB
Bikini Wax 600RMB
Leg Wax 480RMB

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