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China City Search is an english website that focuses on the local business listings and reviews of Chinese cities.

We hope the site will make the expats live easily in China.

For the CCSers, it's easy to search for the local business, create personal listings, share experiences, make friends with the locals and your compatriots who live in the same city.

For the business owners, it's easy to add photos, submit marketing events & promotion info, and even get customer feedback here. The more active you are, the more lucrative your business will be!

Welcome to China City Search and share your information with us the way you like!


  • Gulangyu Piano Museum

    My name is Graeme Annesley, my cousin has visited the piano museum and told m...

  • Q Bar

    Great place to hang out with friends for a quality cocktails with excellent s...

  • Cafe Momo

    I love their coffee and they have a small, English language library. Sometime...