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Brickyard Pub & Cafe


Category: Bars

Address:Unit 101, Block 6, Quanxiu Street

泉州市丰泽区泉秀街领秀天地 6号楼101单元

Tel: 0595 22779179

About Brickyard Pub & Cafe:

Welcome to The Brickyard Pub & Cafe

Situated in one of China's most ancient and historically important harbour cities, The Brickyard is Quanzhou's first and only foreign pub. And as Quanzhou's first foreign pub, we strive to offer all of our patrons an authentic taste of the West; not only in its style and design, but in its quality service too.

For Quanzhou's expats, we hope to offer you a home away from home. For locals, we wish to share with you an experience only attainable abroad or in foreign pubs found in some of China's larger, more modern cities. So come in and meet our friendly staff, and some of Quanzhou's finest locals.

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