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Jeep Club


Category: Clubs

Address:No.1, East Nanhu Road


Tel: 025-86511111

About Jeep Club:

Jeep Club is that one place in Nanjing that no foreigners know about but many probably should. As a club, it is completely different from anywhere in 1912 for many reasons. First, it is quite far away from Xinjiekou, and located in more of a residential area. However, this should not put anyone off, since the location allows the club to be much, much larger than anything in 1912. Inside is large enough for a full bar, a dance floor which bounces to the beat (due to pneumatic pumps), a huge stage, many tables, and two floors of booths. Performances are held nightly starting around 10, and include various dance numbers, including pole dancing, themed dances (such as girls dressed in semi-SWAT uniforms), go-go dancing, and all other manner of unexpected performances.

Two things may deter foreigners from going. First, Jeep is pricey, and in order to get a booth customers need to pay quite a bit of money. For a package deal including a bottle of hard liquor, mixers, and fruit, customers can expect to pay over 800 RMB for some items, and even over 1,200 RMB for others. Furthermore, some of the girls in the club are "escorts", meaning that they are there to professionally drink with customers and make people feel welcome. Jeep also caters primarily with Chinese customers, and has very few foreigners who go there.

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