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KK Disco Club Xiamen

厦门KK酒吧 ( KK国际娱乐城 )

Category: Bars

Address:Haiwan Park


Tel: 0592 - 5090000

About KK Disco Club Xiamen:

KK Disco Club is one of the oldest bar brands in Xiamen, and its Haiwan Park club is the latest addition to this entertainment area.

The New KK moved from Chang Qing Road is now located at Xiamen Haiwan Park, the newest Xiamen city park stretch between the Yuandang Lake and the sea where Hubinbei Road runs. It is a walking distance from Sofitel Hotel.

These days, at night after 9.00pm, the streets at the Park used to be quiet, are jammed with taxis. KK at the new location has added pace to the night activities at the Park. Beside KK, there are other popular venues such as Me & You Bar 2, Macchiato Café etc.

Our visit to KK on Saturday night coincided with a theme party called The Wizard of Oz. Our scheduled visit at 11.00pm saw the club in full swing. Two of the bars, one disco and one with seating are both packed like sardines.

The music was set to the scenes in two of the bars which estimated to be at least 300 to 400 at each bar. The dance floor was packed and the dancing girls were staged next to the dance floor. The atmosphere at the disco lounge was great and as expected, DJ's spinning big bass rock, rap, and jungle beats, intelligent lighting & visual effects, plus jungle hideouts & bars stocked with all kinds of potent jungle juice.

Non stopping dance beats were felt and the party sizzles whole night with potent alcohol.


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