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Qingdao Major Shopping street

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Hongkong road Shopping Street:
MYKAL, Jusco, Carrefour, Sunshine Department, Belle Plaza and Hisense Plaza form the eastern commercial and shopping district. Locals buy the world’s latest trends trendy goods here, connecting Qingdao to the world.
Zhongshan road Shopping Street:
Zhongshan Road has a long history as the main commercial and shopping center of Qingdao. There are many stores here including many long-standing local shops and famous specialty shops. As the city’s oldest shopping street(over 80 years)the street starts from the Zhanqiao Pier in the south and ends at Dayaogou in the north. The large-scale department stores includes No.1 Parkson Building, National Trading, Dongfang Trading, Yuexikelai shopping Center and FaDa Building. The local long-standing shops are Hengdeli’s clocks and glasses, Haibin’s sea products, Tianzhen’s photography facilities and studio, Qingdao Art&Cragts Company and Shengfish, baked shrimp, dried small shrimps and fried kelp. Near Zhongshan Road is the nationally famous Jimo Road Small Commodities Market, where one can find such things as plaited crafts, pearl necklaces and shell carvings which are very beautiful and cheap. There is also fish, baked shrimp, dried small shrimps and fried kelp. Near Zhongshan Road is the nationally famous Jimo Road Small Commodities Market where one can find such things as plaited crafts, pearl necklaces and shell carvings which are very beautiful and cheap.
Longshan Underground Shopping Street:
Located at 14 Longshan Road and 29 Jiang Su Road, this shopping street lies underground. It is 1,000 meters long and has over 400 shops in total. The street retails garments, shoes and hats. It is locally hailed for its garments new style, variety and low prices.
Taidong 3 Road Shopping Street:
The street area is situated near a trading port and has now been transformed into a vehicle-free venue of 1,000 meters. Over 80 shops along the street retail garments, clothes and leather goods, Department stores such as Liqun, Wal-Mart, and Wanda, and large-scale supermarkets such as Parkson(Nanshan), Vike (Nanshan).There is a walking street Near Taidong 3 Road. Yan’an 2 Road is where wedding dress photography studios gather.
Xiangyang road Shopping Street:
Situated in Licun, Licang District, this shopping street starts from Binhe Road in the south and ends at Jingkou Road in the north. Its total length reaches 600 meters contains over 140 shops. The Licang commercial and shopping district includes the Vike Laoshan Department Store, Beifang National Trading, Likelai Shopping Center, Hualong Building and Vike (Cangkou) Shopping Plaza.
Laoshan Shopping Street
Located in the center of Laoshan district, the shopping street extends from Yinchuan East Road in the north, running past Xianxialing Road and Miaoling Road in the south and adjoining the Laoshan District Town Hall and the Central Avenue in the east. The street covers a land area of 64,000 square meters and includes over 260 stores and commercial outlets, such as Lotte Mart and Leader Shopping Center and Qingdao Furs Shopping Center. Together with other facilities, it forms the commercial center in the eastern part of Qingdao.
Licun Market
Licun Market, situated along Licun River and opened from Ming dynasty, has a history of about 300yeas.The market is approximate 3,000 meters long from east to west and 80 meters wide from south to north covering an area of 240,000.square meters. Each month Licun Market is open on such dates as 2,7,12,17,22,27 according to Chinese lunar calendar. When the market is open, huge crowds of people including merchants and buyers swarm into the market, where various native products are traded. More than 20,000people buy commodities for use or sell products for profits on market day. At present, the annual trade volume has reached 200million RMB, Licun Market is one of the twenty-two recommended items for the second city-level intangible cultural heritage of Qingdao. People always say what you can buy is only limited by your imagination at the market, which is called Picture Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival. The market is divided into four sections from east to west: automobile and motorcycle market; dress, shoes, cap and flea market; flower, bird, farm produce, timber, commodity and bike market, Licun Market, the article is rich, price is cheap. When the Spring Festival is approaching, the market is full of red products for the Festival, such as red couplet, lantern, insole, table cloth and socks, etc. Looking at the red products for the Festival, people are satisfied with plentiful harvest and wealth.

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