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Sanya Railway Station Guideline

Updated: 27 Oct 12    Tags: Sanya Railway Station  Source: Sanya Travel


Sanya Railway Station
Sanya Railway Station
Sanya, a new railway station is located in the outskirts of litchi ditch, urban ride the 4-way bus. Fare of one yuan / person. Can also take a taxi, the fare of the city to the train station is generally $ 20-30.
Sanya to Beijing West has been opened, on the direct frequency of Hainan, Guangzhou and other places. Can take the train to Sanya from Haikou Railway Station, generally the morning of departure, but the trips less. The journey takes about four hours. Foreign visitors can also choose to take a fast train direct Sanya via Beijing, China, Shanghai to enter Sanya. Shanghai to Sanya (K512 / 1) train the entire 36.5 hours; full 35 hours from Beijing to Shanghai (T202 / 1); Guangzhou to Sanya (K408 / 7) the whole 15 hours.
Ticket office
Sanya Railway Station ticket hall 0898-31887222
Siu Ho Hotel on the first floor lobby of the new wind direction 0898-88270051 88270052
The liberation of three-way railway hotel on the first floor lobby 0898-31882888
Sanya Station 0898-31520412
Yalong Bay Station 0898-31520242
Haikou railway station ticket hall 0898-31686222
Tips: Train all the way through the line of Hainan Xi, along the way can enjoy the magnificent West along the line of tropical forests, afar Seaview.

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